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Obviously, negative pole from the battery to grid. Here with red primer spray paint. Please let me make a few suggestions. Next to my vdh Colibri cartridge and vdh phono stage , this 6N6P w. Design of a good interstage transformer is not easy. The use of un-shielded signal cables may pose another problem and based on the experience presented here, I would re-build the entire TRAM.

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It makes listening easier.

Having 95 dB speakers I need very low level noise and the original TRAM was really noisy, something that can be read on the web too if you google “tram wot”. Thanks to John for taking the time to respond to my WOT line stage!

Check back regularly or subscribe for updates. Next I have to try no load on the output transformers, intestage is only the 56k from the Audio Mirror amps. Causes 1a – the tube is pulling more current than the cathode emission can handle. Amplifying stage, sockets and two 3.

If you have those old schematics or even vacuum datasheet, take it out and have a look. The nice looking one above too.


Hum has been a serious problem with this line stage. No change in hum.

I have built quite a range to tube line intertage and even RIAA amps in the past and I never had serious hum problems – but One thing I must bring up is the use of interstage transformer on class A2 design. When I had this suggestion from “Peter”, I thought he’d made a typo or something. When this line stage is finished, it’s time to start building a new chassis!

J&K Audio Design: Interstage Transformer

Spray used for stoves; makes a nice metallic surface, but rather fragile, thus Cabinet made from 2 mm aluminium. Tweakings have to be radical to make a significant change to the overall sound of the system, but a system is no better than the weakest link. Generally the WOT is sensitive to nearby transformers of any kind, so if you need your preamp to be cramped in with other gear, this may not be the way to go. All transformers from SAC Thailand: Actually interstage transformers are not something new.

Interstage transformer

You will find a lot of them being mentioned everywhere. Saturday, December 21, Interstage Transformer. One last important thing I’ve noticed: In the town where I live, Aarhus, we have a public workshop, Huset The Housewith a metal workshop, where I can bend the aluminium sheets.


I mean, when using the caps without the additional resistor. After this the left channel had the same low hum level as the right channel, but still a bit too much. Next all tubes are heated by AC and I think this is one reason for serious hum problems.

Pots often lose contact, so the above setup is safer and gives more subtle control over the output voltage. All chassis parts after primer paint. Product Lists Product Lists Level 0: They do come in 3V so only two in series.

Changing filament interstaage to DC helped somewhat, but the main problem is likely to be the mains transformer being too close to everything. Interstage trafo, 5k prim. The PS reg is not optimal for several reasons: