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Page 94 PC or decode encrypted files. Out attention is immediately drawn to the number of jumpers and dip-switches on the board, something we are seeing less of these days. This is Asus’ interpretation of how a KTA should look and perform. We’ll start the ball rolling with one of our favourites, namely 3DMark SE. Type a filename and the path, for example, A: The item heading in square brackets represents the default setting for that field. We see three DDR banks that are thoughtfully placed.

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This option saves your selections without exiting the Setup program. Click to find out more. We’ve not seen this before, presumably it ensures compatibility with the different processors.

Otherwise, leave a77v266 the default setting [Disabled].

ASUS A7V266-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

PC or decode encrypted files. Starting at the top and working our way down, we firstly see the rotated ZIFF socket. We’re somewhat under-whelmed by the performance of the Asus with the stock XP. Auxio also sports an upgraded South bridge which is now ATA compliant. Here’s a quick rundown of our test system and benchmarks used. We would also like to see a completely jumper-free mode in BIOS.


The internal microphone does not work if there is an external microphone connected to the external Mic pink jack. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Select this option only if you do not want to save the changes that you made to the Setup program.

Some users abhor rotated sockets and some like them, I fall adio the latter camp as it allows me comfortably attach and remove my heatsink from the motherboard without having to remove it from the case. We also disliked the inability to be able to turn the RAID controller off, this increased the boot up times by at least 10 seconds.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

Refer to Chapter 5. Page 97 Lets you record the current monitoring activity of a certain component of your PC for future reference. Select [Yes] to save any changes to the non-volatile RAM.

Perhaps we’re being a bit over-critical, but we’ve seen some truly excellent motherboards come through the door zudio. Strong performances all-round here. The board satisfies it’s probable OEM target market pretty well. Installs a nifty ASUS screen saver.

Page 92 see page 7. A7266 performance delta was consistent from start to finish. Another observation we made was that the board takes a while to power up once the power switch is depressed, longer than any other board we’ve had in the labs. Change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. Three Kings is the DVD of choice, it’s mixture of action and dialogue make it an excellent benchmarking test.


However, a7c266 when set to jumper-free, you still have to manually change the DDR voltage by jumpers. Two serial ports can be used for pointing devices or other serial devices.

Review: Asus A7VE RAID Motherboard – Mainboard –

We’re using Xmpeg 2. Can you say consistent?

As has been mentioned above, the board can be set to jumper-free mode by changing the position of one jumper. Overall, we’re pretty pleased with the layout, the board looks good and everything bar the floppy port is located with thought.

If any of the monitored items is out of range, the following error message appears: Benchmarks were run 3 times consecutively and an average score was taken. Here’s a quick look at our overclocking result. It seems Asus’ lack of bandwidth is negatively impacting on results.