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For example consider Figure The FlexRay Transport Protocol FrTp is designed to support reliable and efficient communication between various computers embedded in vehicles. Different frame types are used in FrTp. Creating graphical models using a structure, naming schemes and constructs that are similar to those used in the specification is one way to aid the validation of the model. A state space can also be treated as a finite state automata FSA where the binding elements represent the alphabet accepted by the FSA. If 8 and the corresponding equation for arcs holds for , , then we conjecture that the desired properties will also hold. As the focus is only on functional properties of the protocol not performance , modelling the reception of a frame in a nondeterministic manner allows our analysis to consider how FrTp behaves when errors occur in the FlexRay communication bus.

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However, in future work the CPN model could also be used in other protocol development tasks. A set of service primitives are defined, as shown in Figure 3.

State space and language analysis has been applied to prove the desired properties of FrTp for selected sets of input parameter values, as well as make other observations on its behaviour. Table 4 shows the results from selecting configurations with increasing.

How FlexRay Works – Part 1 – Sandeep’s Blog on AUTOSAR

This paper addresses only the unicast acknowledged transfer methods 2 and 3leaving multicast transfer for future work. In [ 4 ] each primitive is prefixed with a layer name, e. Property 1 Absence of deadlocks. As the focus is only on functional properties of the protocol not performancemodelling the reception of a frame in a nondeterministic manner allows our analysis to consider how FrTp behaves when errors occur in the FlexRay communication bus.


The guards on these transitions prevent them from occurring if either the maximum number of frames allowed by have been sent or all frames has been sent. Some of the basic terms in FlexRay Protocol are explained below in terms of a top-down approach i. For example, from the results in Table 1 whenincrementing results in an additional consecutive frame and ACK, thereby an additive increase in the state space size. An interval of time used for cluster wide time synchronization. As an example, consider Figure 1 which shows an application comprised of four components distributed across three ECUs.

Optional Features The optional features of cancelling a transmission, changing parameters and overflow at the receiver are not modelled. Intuitively, for a fixed as increases, there are more frames to transmit leading to a larger state space.

Key pages are described in Section 5. However there is a specific case, delayed ACKs, when this is not true unless the sending rate is limited. The first column gives the configuration, and the next two columns the number of nodes and arcs in the state space.

Verification of the FlexRay Transport Protocol for AUTOSAR In-Vehicle Communications

However with larger values ofincreasing allows for different levels of concurrency among transitions in the CPN. Protocol verification involves proving a protocol holds desired dynamic properties, such as absence of deadlocks, as well as proving that the protocol faithfully implements the desired flexrsy specification.

This simplifies the CPN model and analysis, while also capturing the core behaviour of the channel from FrTp’s perspective. The PDU Router determines autozar technique to transport data between software components, for example, selecting from the different bus standards FlexRay, CANand based on the service required reliable versus unreliable.


International Journal of Vehicular Technology

Currently there are no closed form equations for the state space size in these cases. Hence state space analysis is key to proving dynamic properties, as well as equivalence of the protocol and service language in protocol verification.

Therefore the Fleray model considers the total size of the data and the maximum frame size both in bytes as inputs, and uses them to determine when to apply segmentation. The service language obtained from the service CPN is presented in Section 6.

How FlexRay Works – Part 1

Common fkexray properties include the absence of deadlocks and livelocks in the protocol. Background and Related Work 2. If a frame is lost or arrives with errors, the receiver sends a NACK indicating the frame that is missing all frames contain a sequence number.

Auotsar summary, for most cases in FrTp the transmission of one PDU will not affect the transmission dlexray another. A fixed number of static slots are available per static segment. Figures 1516171819and 20 illustrate the remaining pages of the FrTp protocol CPN model. Data Independence As with many protocols, the operation of FrTp is independent of the actual data. Instead the event of a timeout is considered nondetermistic: It is fixed duration slot which is allotted to a node for communicating on the bus.