To remove these warning messages, remove or comment the warning message lines. Kirupakaran 18 Feb This tutorial explains how to convert a Selenium 2 script into a runnable JAR file. In Selenium IDE 2. Is this page helpful? Copy or move your Selenium.

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Export Selenium IDE Script to other Languages

Upto this point you have successfully recorded script in Selenium Wbdriver. Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. What You Will Need Selenium client libraries v 2. Innova 7 Dec You should see Test finished successfully in the console. While it enables you to quickly record and playback test cases that you can save and re-use later, it’s not a good long-term solution for several reasons. This tutorial explains how to convert a Selenium 2 script webdrvier a runnable JAR file.


Java code generated by Selenium does not include the main method, but it is easy to add it. Unsupported command [selectWindow null ]] driver. A runnable JAR needs a main method.

Your testcase is converted to WebDriver.

To export your Selenium script to a Java file: We assume that you already have a script recorded with Selenium IDE. Anish Kumar 10 Aug I am using your site at work, and I just wanted to thank you for putting this together.

Loads Google Searches element selenium tips Asserts that the page contains the text we expect Exporting a test is just a couple of clicks away.

Looking for more articles on selenium WebDriver. Click the image to enlarge it. Chrome version doesn’t have it.

JARs created without this option cannot be run by AlertSite. Muthukumaran 12 Aug Next, create a package namespace for your Selenium test.

How To Export Tests from Selenium IDE

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Before executing the script please make sure that Firefox browser is installed in your machine as we have used Firefox browser libraries.

To do that, right-click the. If you save this file and run it e.

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