Text on the other hand is quite difficult to read. In current or discontinued products. I assume that the driver they would tell you to use is XF-9bi. It was through , and they took the rebates down on May 15, 4.

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Text is awful too. May 16, 7.

KDS 19″ Xtreme Flat Monitor for $60 | [H]ard|Forum

GoatyMay 20, Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, I returned kda yesterday because I knew my Dell fpw was being delivered that day Thanks for the deal! RobertyMay 15, Aug 23, 3: It would be handy to maybe have this information on their website.

Im not overly impressed with it. Cyber Monday deals you can still get: However, when i mds ‘place my order’ it placed it and did not apply the 30 off coupon.

Its not a flat screen, its a curved CRT with a flat piece of glass in front of it. If you degaused it it would keep it from happening for a whilebut if you had a friend over and you went to point at something on the screen, you better be prepared for a nice painful:: RathaMay 21, XenozxKdw 15, SugarBearMay 20, Any suggestions would be welcome.


Mar 11, 4: This monitor also comes with a three year warranty. I figure even if i cant use it, its too big, or whatever it might be, as long as i get the rebates, the monitor is atlesat worth 60 bucks. SugarBearMay 17, Strange that the 19″ would have bigger dimensions than an kdss old 21″ Unless zf-9bi measurements given for the KDS were for the shipping box and not the monitor.

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There seemed to be some horizontal shadowing for major black on white, or white on black. RobertyMay 25, Add an extra monitor to your computer Add an extra monitor to your computer by Donald Bell.

I’ve just been blessed kes financially that I am able to afford the Dell I called them and fixed this problem however and will let you guys know if there are any other problems. May 27, Three year warranty is a plus aswell.

I’m assuming that the system is trying to determine monitor timings via DDC and either mis-interpreting the results or not getting a response; in either case, it seems to be giving up rather than falling back to sensible defaults.


SJetski71May 20, May 20, So the free shipping is a pretty good deal too. Id be willing to answer any questions you guys have about the one i got.