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Funny enough though, I picked up a different adapter and still have the same issues. Unfortunately, D-Links website doesn’t have anything about the issue; the last drivers they released were early I think, and doesn’t look like they plan to keep supporting it: I guess the drivers desperately need to be improved for W7. Nowadays, long term support is one of my top 5 items when shopping for new hardware. Other Info I smoke. For the last 4 days or so, I haven’t been able to connect again. I’m sorry for the bump here, but I’m still having issues connecting if anyone has any other ideas to try.

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The time now is I’m connected right now, but it’ll still linkxys out now and then. Buy the cheapest, I always do and they work flawlessly. All times are GMT Let me explain the problem in detail. Other Info I smoke. Powerlan works like this. God I love computers. Funny enough though, I picked up a different adapter and still have the same issues.


D-Link Technical Support

Win7 Build x All depends on the willingness of the manufacturers to provide speedy support. Router suddenly stopped working wireless Last night my router was working fine, and then all of a sudden my Internet stopped working.

Hope that this helps you, in case you need to buy new stuff. Plug one adapter in a wall powersocket, and connect an utp cable to the adapter and to the computer’s NIC.

D-Link WDA-1320 Wireless G Desktop PCI Adapter Windows Driver, Utility

A few weeks ago, it suddenly stopped connecting with no helpful error messages, and nothing in the event viewer pointing to an error. After seconds the wireless gets disconnected. System connects to the router. When i try to connect to it, it Thanks for the info, SquonkSCI didn’t notice a pattern with those chipsets until you mentioned it I might have to try something like that out. Originally Posted by dcostalis.

Most important is that it’s driverless, so it can’t be outdated.

In the past I had hardware that saw only one update, and then after only one year a slightly improved product was introduced and my product was branded legacy.


Do the same in the attic and you’re done.

D-Link Wda-1320 Wireless G Desktop PCI Adapter

It shows full signal. D-Link WDA suddenly stopped connecting to router.

The only error message is the wonderfully helpful “Windows was unable to connect to linksys”. Hard Drives Seagate All other computers can still connect to the internet.

We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips linjsys tricks. For several months, I had no connection problems.

And prices have dropped considerably. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Pinksys it beats wireless by miles. Connecting to Wireless Router keeps connecting and disconnecting Hello Guys, I am having trouble with my wireless connection.